Local florists undercut by supermarkets

14 February 2017

Independent florists in Cardiff say supermarkets are undercutting their prices on Valentine’s Day.

They say it’s impossible to compete with big supermarkets who can buy cheaper flowers, in a larger quantity, from wholesalers.

All of the major supermarkets in Cardiff are selling red roses for Valentine’s Day – with Aldi selling a dozen red roses for £5. In comparison, a dozen red roses from the independent florist, Secret Garden, in Cardiff Market costs £35.

Kelly Bridgeman, who owns the Secret Garden, says everything depends on what the customer wants.

“We offer quality and are trained florists. We need people to shop locally. If people don’t support local florists they will disappear. A lot have gone from high streets in Cardiff. There’s only us in town open day to day.

The Federation of Small Businesses say they agree independent florists are suffering because of supermarkets.

“Whilst it is well known that larger supermarkets and chains are in a position to demand better prices from wholesalers, in many instances, smaller businesses will offer a significantly better quality of service and customer experience.

“Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for people to support their local independent businesses when buying a gift for their loved one, and FSB Wales hopes that as many people as possible take up the opportunity to support their high street today.”

But supermarket Sainsburys says it also provides quality flowers at a low price.

“There are lots of factors that influence the price of individual products.  Our aim is to always offer our customers great quality and value.”

All major supermarkets in Cardiff have been approached for comment.

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