More people in Cardiff being taken to court for littering

10 March 2017

The number of people being taken to court for litter offences in Cardiff has dramatically increased.

Cardiff City Council has taken more than 150 people to court this financial year . In 2014/15 there was only one case.

The number of fines for littering in the capital has also risen sharply – the figure has more than doubled in the past two years. So far this financial year, nearly 700 fines have been handed out, compared to around 250 in the whole of the 2014/15 financial year.

The increase means Cardiff City Council has made around £200,000 more in littering fines this year than in 2015.

The figures come from a freedom of information request by Wales Online. 


There are 39 litter enforcement staff employed by Cardiff City Council. In this year’s budget an extra £150,000 has been given to the waste enforcement team. According to the council this extra money will be used to hire another seven people to patrol the city centre over weekends and afternoons.

This  extra funding comes as part of a crackdown on litter by the Council.litter-fines


Councillor Bob Derbyshire, Cabinet Member of the Environment says: “Most residents take pride in our city, but if our officers see people dropping litter we will fine them . The City Council is committed to tackling waste related issues and we have increased our enforcement team to tackle this.”
Cllr Derbyshire also says the Council have launched a number of initiatives such as the ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign to keep Cardiff’s streets clean.
“Community groups are now established across the city and I would like to thank everyone for their continued efforts to keep Cardiff tidy.”

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