New name for Welsh Assembly ?

3 March 2017

A consultation asking people whether the National Assembly for Wales should change its name has closed today.

It asked people to choose between three options: the Senedd, the Parliament of Wales, or the Welsh Parliament.

The Assembly says that a change would reflect how its role has changed since it was founded in 1999 and a new name could stop confusion about the difference between them and the Welsh Government.

CJS News spoke to people in Cardiff about what they thought of the options.

Student Luke Fletcher, 21, said he would like to see it be renamed just as the Senedd.

He said, “I think the main problem the Assembly has at the moment is that it’s not viewed as prestigious or as important as Westminster.

“Maybe in terms of Welsh people in general, they’ll realise that we do now have a devolved institution in Wales which is a government on their behalf.”

According to the Assembly the cost of changing the name could be between £40,000 and £150,000.

If the decision goes ahead, a law to change the name of the Assembly would be drafted by spring 2018.

Responses to the consultation will now be considered by the Assembly Commission to decide what the next steps should be.



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