Park and ride call to ease Cardiff North jams

14 November 2017

A Cardiff councillor is campaigning for a park and ride to the north of Cardiff to ease pressure on traffic and parking around University Hospital of Wales (UHW).

Fenella Bowden, from Heath and Birchgrove Independents thinks one possible site for a new park and ride could be in Nantgarw, in neighbouring Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Cardiff Council has already introduced a new bus service from Cardiff East park and ride, which it says is cheap and convenient for hospital staff.

But Councillor Bowden believes traffic around the hospital is now heavier than ever and more needs to be done to ease the jams.

“There’s no doubt it’s got worse, and it’s always worse in the winter months as well,” she said.

Cardiff Council also recently introduced an app to help drivers find parking in the city, but Cllr Bowden thinks this is a backwards step.

“Why is there a new parking app when we are trying to encourage less people to use their cars?… I think it sends the wrong message.”

She also believes a new park and ride in Nantgarw would help staff at University Hospital of Wales.

“UHW is one of the biggest employers in Wales. We need to help those staff… and we need to get the pressure off our locals roads,” she added.

There are three park and rides in Cardiff, one in the south of the city and another to the west, with one more in Cardiff East providing the new service to UHW.

Cardiff Council have been approached for a response to Councilor Bowden’s campaign.

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