Parking problems cause shops to “lose business”

8 December 2017

Shop owners on Caerphilly Road in Cardiff say a lack of parking spaces is losing them business.

They say people are parking over the designated time restrictions blocking customer spaces.

Paul Clough from Younger’s Fish Bar on Caerphilly Road says they have lost hundreds of pounds worth of business because of the parking issues.

He says customers frequently have to drive around the area many times to still find there are no available parking spaces.

Anna Allen, owner of Anna’s Café, says more parking spaces are needed. She blames the closure of shops on the road on the parking difficulties.

There is a one-hour parking restriction for the limited number of parking spaces outside the shops on Caerphilly Road, which shop owners say people frequently ignore.

Other local businesses say there aren’t enough parking wardens around to fine those who frequently park over the time limit.

They want a stricter enforcement of these restrictions to stop their shops losing passing business.

A spokesman for Cardiff Council said: “The Council hasn’t had any reported issues or complaints relating to parking for this part of the highway. If anyone would like to make a representation to the Council, they are asked to contact Connect 2 Cardiff on 02920 872087.”

But Fenella Bowden, an independent councillor for Heath, said the Civil Enforcement Team has known about this issue for ages. She has had lots of discussions with officers about these parking problems and has been pro-active in calling Enforcement out.


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