Parking woes increase in Cathays

20 January 2017

A woman living in Cathays is angry that a new development in the area means that there won’t be enough space for residents to park.

Jane Williams, who lives on Bruce Street, says that the streets are “saturated” and that she regularly has to park up to four streets away from her home because of a lack of available parking.

She added that because people in Cathays cannot park in front of their own homes they park in front of other people’s houses which makes the problem even worse.

Bruce Street currently does not have residents parking and Ms Williams says that this is why so many people park there.

Elizabeth Clark, who is the Liberal Democrat Councillor for the Cathays ward, says the problem is made worse by commuters who park in the area and walk into Cardiff City centre, meaning they don’t have to pay for car parking in the city. She also says that problems with parking should be considered by the council at the development stage.

Another Councillor from the Labour Party, Chris Weaver, says he is now aware of the problem. Mr Weaver said that currently Cathays has around 50% resident parking. The Labour-led council are looking to increase residents parking in the area to 75% which Mr Weaver says he hoped would help solve the problem.

Both councillors say that they were hopeful that the problem would be solved also by residents using more public transport or bikes.

Jane Williams says something needs to be done soon or “people will start taking the law into their own hands” and park on double yellow lines.

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