Petition against “worrying” school closures reaches 100 signatures

3 February 2017

More than 100 parents have signed a petition protesting the temporary closure of three schools in Cardiff.

The petition is asking for the students to get extra tuition and for external examining bodies to take the disruption into consideration.

Cantonion High School, Willows High School and Michaelston Community College were closed last week for essential maintenance.

Parents with children at the schools called for a meeting with the headteachers to find out what they plan to do.

The Councillor for Caerau, Peter Bradbury says the parents are worried about the safety of their children and the effect the closure will have on their education.

Councillor Bradbury says, “I don’t think it’s for the greater good. I think the disruptions are very worrying, especially for parents who have children in Year 11 and 10, who are taking vital and important exams this year.”

Cardiff City Council reassured the parents that any missed lessons will be covered once the schools move back into their buildings.

A spokesperson from Cardiff City Council says, “The schools will be taking representations to the exam boards concerning the disruption to education.

“Option teaching will be put on from next week.”

Since the closures, children have only been taught the core subjects, Maths, English and Science. Optional subjects are chosen by the students, and have not been taught since the schools relocated.

The schools are expected to reopen by the end of the half term.

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