Plaid Cymru AM says triggering Article 50 will be “against Wales’ interests”

7 February 2017

The Welsh Assembly will vote today on whether to oppose the start of the Brexit process.

The proposal to oppose triggering Article 50, which would formally begin a British exit from the EU, was made by Plaid Cymru.

Plaid Cymru says Britain should not start planning to leave the EU before the UK government promises to protect Wales’ access to the EU’s single market.

AM for Ynys Môn, Rhun ap Iorwerth says “We know Wales voted to leave the EU but what wasn’t asked in that referendum is what should happen next.

“Like the UK as a whole, Wales is a net exporter to the EU. Two thirds of our exports go to the EU involving tens of thousands of jobs.

He says the UK government has to recognise the importance of keeping a single market status.

“Anything else will frankly be acting against Wales’ interests.”

But AMs from other parties, including Labour, are expected to vote against the proposal.

Nathan Gill, Independent AM for North Wales, is supportive of Britain leaving the EU and says the vote is a publicity stunt.

He says “First of all, the Supreme Court ruled that the Senedd cannot block the triggering of Article 50, and secondly Plaid keep failing to realise that any country not subject to sanctions can trade with the EU Single Market.

“The fact that for the last five decades the UK has been manufacturing goods in harmony with EU regulations means it really shouldn’t be a stretch to strike trade deals.”

A Plaid Cymru amendment to the Brexit Bill currently going through the House of Commons was defeated in a vote yesterday.

It would have required the UK government to present a report to the Welsh Assembly on the impact of Brexit on Welsh finances.

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