Plaid loses two seats in Vale but hold Baruc ward

5 May 2017

Long standing Vale of Glamorgan Plaid Cymru councillors Steffan William and Nic Hodges have held onto the Baruc ward.

Coun Hodges was first elected to the ward in 1995 and Coun William in 1999.

The Conservatives took 23 seats in the Vale of Glamorgan but they do not have an overall majority. Labour saw their number of seats fall from 22 to 13.

Coun William said: “Fortress Baruc is still strong. These election results will change the makeup of Barry. Labour have lost control.

Coun Hodges said that the reason for the loss of seats in the local election was that people focused on Westminster politics rather than local issues.

“It is a shame that Plaid lost two seats, but we didn’t lose any in Barry. That’s because we are seeking to block the building of the incinerator that Labour and the Conservatives voted for.

“It’s on people’s doorstep and it is a big concern for them. We are going to continue to fight against it and introduce the traffic calming measure that we promised.”

Mark Vockins, 41, owner of Quasars on Station approach road said that the result is a good thing for the island. He said: “I know Nic is a resident of the island, so I think he has a finger on the pulse of what’s going on, which is probably why people voted for him.”

Alex Davies, 34, owner of Coffee Cove on Friars Road, said: “It could be worse. I am just anti-Tory, so it’s good that the ward hasn’t gone right wing.”



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