Plans for Welsh medium school in Butetown are revealed

27 January 2017

Plans for the Welsh Medium school being built in Butetown have been published.


The new building is designed for 420 pupils aged 3 to 11. The school will also employ 50 staff members, but there will only be provision for 25 parking spaces.

The school is being presented as being a ‘sustainable travel school’. This means there will be an emphasis on parents bringing their children to and from school on foot, but there will also be some provision for lift sharing and walking buses.

Lyn Eynon, who lives nearby,  says he doesn’t have a problem with having a Welsh primary school in the area, but the traffic will be a issue.  He says “the problem is the specific location which has been chosen for the school”. He said the school “is too large for all 400 pupils to be taken in safely and quickly, as it’s located at the end of a cul-de-sac… which already has traffic and congestion problems”. He went on to say that “It’s clearly impossible to get the number of cars that would potentially be involved in and out of the school”.

It is the first Welsh medium primary school to serve the area, and many parents are overjoyed at the prospect.

The current provision for primary teaching in Welsh in the area is for just 17 students. They are based in temporary accommodation on the grounds of the English speaking local primary school.

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