Protests in Cardiff over Trump’s inauguration

20 January 2017

A number of protests are taking place across the city as Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States.

Supporters of the organisation Hope Not Hate have been demonstrating in Queen Street and leafleting commuters with anti-Trump messages. The organisation also hung a banner saying ‘Hope Trumps Hate’ and ‘Bridges Not Walls’ by the Aspect building on Queen Street.

Another group, Stand Up To Racism, has organised a protest this evening by Cardiff Castle.

Jeff Hurford from the group says they are expecting more than a hundred people to attend. He says they have created a Trump piñata filled with chocolate love hearts. “It’s to send the message: love trumps hate.”

Denis Campbell, the creator of UK Progressive magazine, is an American living near Cardiff. He says the new President is “totally unfit for office. He’s been more concerned with the relationship with Russia, his business dealings, and everything else.”

But some people in Cardiff are pleased about Mr Trump becoming president.

Denis Tyner, who’s 76, says people should give Mr Trump a chance.

Mr Tyner, who lives in Trowbridge, says “Trump must have a brain on him to get where he is. I honestly believe he wants to get America back on his feet.”

Nathan Williams, who’s 19 and studies at Cardiff University, says “Trump’s not a politician, he’s a business man and that’s what people relate to. He represents change. People are sick of the same old thing.  I would’ve voted for Trump if I was American.”

Republicans Overseas UK have been approached for comment.

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