Tracks on grass

Quad bikers and cars blamed for park tracks

16 March 2018

Grass at a popular city park is being ruined by quad bikers and cars, residents have claimed.

Tracks have been left at Hailey Park, Llandaff North, leaving people living nearby angry.

Labour councillor for the area Jennifer Burke-Davies,who has complained to the council, called it “thoughtlessness”.

Cardiff Council has been asked to comment.

Ms Burke-Davies said: “I think it’s selfishness. I think it’s a lack of empathy and understanding for the wider community that want to use the facility.

“It’s not wanton destruction it’s just thoughtlessness,” she said.

Chair of Friends of Hailey Park Penny Bowers said: “It’s eroding parts of the park because some people are going through the meadow which we are regenerating.”

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