Residents “concerned” about wall in Grangetown

6 December 2016

Residents say they’re concerned over a wall in Grangetown which appears to be dangerous.

The 6ft stone wall backs on to an alleyway between Redlaver Street and Stockland Street.

Donovan Mackenzie is a local resident living on Stockland Street and said he doesn’t let his children play down the alley.

“My kids walk through this alley sometimes and I have stopped them from walking through it. It’s looking really, really dangerous.

“The council should come and look at it and fix it – health and safety wise.

“The kids love to play around here – my kids love to play around here. They love to kick balls round here.

“I don’t know but they need to come and fix it.”

Cardiff City Council were made aware of the wall after a tweet was sent to them two weeks ago.

Despite this, nothing has yet been done to fix the wall.

Plaid Cymru councillor for Grangetown, Tariq Awan, says something should be done about it.

“I put a members inquiry to the council to say it is a dangerous wall and it needs to be looked at immediately. I’m still waiting for the council to respond to it.”

Cllr Awan says it’s possible the wall could fall at any possible moment.

“It has been subsiding for a while, it is possible that it could fall at any minute as well.

“I’m not an expert but it looks pretty dangerous.”

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