Residents in Cyncoed complain of aggressive seagulls

21 February 2017

People living on a street in Cyncoed in Cardiff are concerned about the number of aggressive seagulls in the area.

They say gulls attack residents on Farm Drive, leave droppings on cars and tear open recycling bags left on the street.

Residents told CJS News the problem gets worse when gulls start nesting on the roofs of houses, as they become more territorial when their chicks hatch.

Andy Stone, who lives on Farm Drive, said he had to defend his partner when a seagull attacked her.

He said “She was at the back trying to take some clothes off the line and a seagull was literally coming down and trying to stop her doing it.

“So I used to stand outside with a brush and just try to push it away while she took the things off the line.”

The gulls are thought to come from Roath Park Lake.

The RSPB says that gulls are legally protected and it is best to try to stop the birds nesting on roofs such as by installing nets or streamers to frighten them away.

This can be done in winter before the birds start building nests in the spring.

But once gulls have nested it is a criminal offence to interfere with or damage their nests, which can be punished by a fine of up to £5,000 or a prison sentence of up to six months.

The RSPB also said that conflict between gulls and humans can be preventing by reducing the amount of food available for the birds in the area.

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