RSPCA poison warning to dog owners

20 January 2017

RSPCA Cymru are warning dog owners to be vigilant after two dogs appear to have been deliberately poisoned in their owner’s garden.

A container of food mixed with a substance believed to be rat poison was discovered at the property on Daviot Street in Roath last month.

The owner found it before her dogs Troy and Storm could eat the food.

She believes it was hidden there by someone trying to poison the dogs.

Chris O’Brien from the RSPCA said:

“Poisoning a dog is a criminal and serious offence if done deliberately, so we are very keen to find out any information connected to this local incident.

“We have seen some concerning incidents in other areas of South Wales over recent months. It’s difficult to say whether any incident involving a poisoning is deliberate. Of course the circumstances are always very different.

“It would appear that this may very well have been a deliberate attempt.”

While the RSPCA are not linking this with other incidents, in August two cats died after being poisoned in the Splott area of Cardiff and there were also alleged poisonings in Caerphilly and Pontyclun in November last year.

RSPCA investigators are now appealing for any information about the incident and have warned pet owners they should know what to do if they suspect that their dog has been poisoned.

Vet charity PDSA offer this advice to owners:

“If you suspect your pet has eaten a toxic substance, you should contact your vet immediately for advice.

“The earlier that treatment is received, the better the outcome is likely to be.”

Watch: Karen Jones from PDSA Cardiff Vet Hospital.

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