Taxi drivers in Cardiff ‘must not refuse short fares’

6 February 2018

The Taxi Drivers for Cardiff organisation says a minority of cab drivers who do take advantage of their customers must be stopped.

It comes after complaints that some taxis were refusing journeys or overcharging after Saturday’s Six Nations game, which left some people struggling to get home.

Cardiff Council says people should report taxi drivers who refuse fares to their Licensing Section.

Cardiff taxi driver Paul O’Hara is a member of the Taxi Drivers of Cardiff organisation. He is concerned about reports from Saturday and wants to see a change.

“With the Hackney Carriage drivers, there’s a minority who consistently refuse fares, cherry pick fares and they overcharge.

“People think it’s the majority of drivers but it’s not. It’s the minority. We’re trying to weed the bad drivers out so the good drivers are the ones that are left. That way, the public get a better service.”

Reports from Saturday suggest that some taxi drivers were refusing to take people on shorter journeys to areas such as Ely and Canton.

Dominic Jones was working in the area and saw multiple people refused a journey or overcharged by taxis.

“Just hearing the prices for such short journeys was ridiculous. I saw two women who were quoted £35 to go to Pentrebane, which is usually only £10 or £15.

“I understand nobody really wants to drive somebody two minutes down the road but I would like to see people being safe. So if they need to drive a short distance then they should do that.”

Cardiff Council says it’s already taking action and recently suspended a driver for two months. It says people who are refused fares should take the details of the driver and if possible a photo on their smartphone and then report them.

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