Thumbs down from businesses for Friday night six nations fixture

10 March 2017

Wales will take on Ireland at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff this evening.

It is only the seventh time that Cardiff have hosted a Friday night game.

But bar owners in the city centre say they prefer the six nations games to be held on a Saturday.

The Manager of Irish Bar on St Mary’s Street, O’Neills, Sam Stradling says Friday matches can mean he gets a lot less business.

“Saturdays are definitely better because most people work on the Friday.

“With Saturdays you get the hit earlier on. We would be at capacity with 1000 people at midday, if it’s a two o’clock kick off. Today there is just over a hundred.”

Fans told CJS News they find Saturday matches more convenient.

One woman who is retired said:  “A lot of people work on a Friday and they’re not able to travel the distance because we don’t work.”

Another man highlighted how the time was difficult for people who travelled:

“8:05pm is too late, how can people get home after that? We live in Worcester, that’s a long way home!”

One Irish fan said: “In a normal circumstance I wouldn’t take the time off work, it took a lot of consideration, I had to think about how much impact it would be on my work and take a day’s holiday.”

But not all fans agreed. Some said they didn’t mind about the Friday kick off.

“We’re all losing a day’s work but it doesn’t matter. We’d be here Friday or Saturday. It was very easy to make the decision to take the day off work, I just decided I am not going to work today, I’m going to Cardiff”

Another said:

“It took me about a millisecond to decide to take the day off.  It’s good because it lets you get the giddiness out of yourself on the Friday and then enjoy your Saturday in the city of Cardiff. It means you can make a weekend of it.”

The match will kick off tonight at 8.10pm at the Principality Stadium.



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