Welsh Conservative leader calls for release of mental ward mortality report

15 May 2017

THE Welsh Conservatives leader has called for the release of a report that could shed light on deaths possibly linked to the ‘horrific’ treatment at the Tawel Fan mental ward.

The scandal-hit ward, part of the Ablett Unit at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd hospital in North Wales, was closed in 2013 after allegations of patients being treated like ‘animals’ came to light.

An independent investigation in 2015 found a lack of compassionate care, patients being treated on the floor and practices which may have violated individual patients’ human rights.

Relatives of patients described scenes at the ward where patients were left to run around naked, along with other examples of lack of care and support from staff.

A report into mortality rates at the ward has not yet been published despite being completed.

Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies raised the issue with Carwyn Jones during First Minister’s Questions, asking when the report would be released so the families affected could get answers.

“When families and concerned clinicians want to see this data so they can fully understand what went on within that unit, why on earth are you not allowing that report to come forward?” he said.

“It would add a huge amount of comfort to the families and to the individuals who’ve heard such horrific stories over the care within that unit. In particular, I draw your attention to the fact that, as has already been said, patients were treated like animals.”

In response, Carwyn Jones said: “Consideration will be given to releasing the report. It’s important that as much information as possible is made available to those who have seen their relatives suffer.”

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