Welsh language campaigners call for bilingual BT meetings

10 February 2017

Welsh language campaigners are angry BT aren’t holding any bilingual consultations in Cardiff over the removal of phone boxes.

They also say it’s “totally unacceptable” for BT to only use English signage in their payphone booths.

Colin Nosworthy, from the campaign group Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, says big companies don’t see Welsh language communication as a priority.

“There are massive problems with companies like BT who could easily afford to provide things in Welsh. Their treatment of the Welsh language is insulting.”

A BT spokesperson, said: “We should have ensured that our payphone consultation was done in both Welsh and English across Wales.

“We immediately replaced the signs with bilingual notices in those parts of country with the highest number of Welsh speakers. Unfortunately, given the size and scale of the consultation we were unable to replace the signage in every payphone across Wales.

“As a business we’re committed to the promotion and use of the Welsh language. We would like to apologise for initially installing English-only signs in our payphones as part of this consultation and have taken measures to ensure that this shouldn’t happen in the future.”

It is not a requirement for BT to have bilingual consultations. But Campaigners are calling on the Welsh Government to make it compulsory for them to communicate in both languages.

The Welsh Government has been approached for comment.

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