Welsh women’s Six Nations match missed off television schedule

3 February 2017

More than twenty years after the first women’s Six Nations Tournament in 1996, the majority of games will be broadcast live on TV for the first time.

The tournament, which starts tomorrow, kicks off with Scotland v Ireland, and will be aired by RTE.

But Wales’ first match against Italy will only be available online.

It is one of only two women’s matches out of 15 that will not be televised during the tournament.

The decision to broadcast the women’s matches alongside the men’s was met with praise from players and coaches in Cardiff.

Hollie Jones, Captain of  Whitchurch Warriors says she works in a pub that frequently shows the men’s matches and she has always wanted to see the women’s games broadcast live.

‘It’s going to be really great to see women’s teams on the TV. If younger girls see women playing it’s going to give them the confidence to go out and get involved.

‘I didn’t have the confidence but after watching women’s international matches I tried it, and two years later I’m still here and I’ve fallen in love with it’.

Ms Jones says people do not expect girls to play rugby and she hopes she can inspire young girls to try something new.

Marc Davies, Coach for the Whitchurch Warriors says new women’s teams are popping up everyday, ‘we get text and phone calls every week wanting to try the sport and after a few sessions they are hooked for life’.




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