What is the most drunk and disorderly street in Cardiff?

7 March 2017

St Mary Street in Cardiff city centre saw the highest number of arrests for being drunk and disorderly in the past year in South Wales Police.

The information was revealed through a Freedom of Information request by CJS News.

It showed 88 arrests were made on the street, nearly 20 percent of the total arrests for these offences in the city.

People can be charged with being drunk and disorderly if they commit certain crimes such as assault or anti-social behavior while drunk.

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The next highest number of arrests were on Greyfriars Road where 52 were made followed by Central Square with 41.
Ellie Lester, 22, works at Pieminister on St Mary’s Street. She says restaurant staff found dealing with drunken people on the street intimidating.

“We’ve had men come in drunk asking to use the toilet. They can get quite aggressive and a little bit abusive.”

She told CJS News about an incident when a drunk customer was arrested in the restaurant after refusing to pay her bill.

“I think we had two or three bouncers in and then the police were called.

“We had four police officers come in and she ended up being escorted into a police van and arrested.”

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