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New Curriculum for Welsh Education

The long-planned change in the reform of Elementary education in Wales unveiled its first detail of what will the new curriculum looks like as a whole at the end of April.

Microplastics are threatening environment

Microplastics are potentially endangering our fresh water ecosystem without being noticed.  Our reporter Lejia Feng has more about it.

Is March the Month of Bats? 

The organisation Made in Roath says people can do some simple things to help build a bat-friendly environment.

First Separate Cycleways is upcoming in Cardiff

Cyclists in Cardiff have long been troubled by the shared bike lanes with other vehicles. Now the Cardiff Council plans to address this problem.

Plans to bring back rare eagles to Wales

Eagle Reintroduction Wales to bring back rare eagle species to Wales.

Bring Empty Houses back to Use

Thousands of houses are left empty in Cardiff for more than six months. Residents in Cardiff are on the social housing waiting list for appropriate accommodation.

Naming new Cardiff street Welsh-only

People now have a chance to name the streets in Cardiff.