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Laura Burton: The voice of mental health

  Laura Burton was diagnosed with depression and anxiety when she was 16.She went through a very tough process, and now stands out to be a voice of mental health. “If there was no parents supports, I can not be here right now” Parents may be the most important element took her overcome the mental health […]

The soft power of post-Brexit Wales

 A conference on building a global post-Brexit Wales was held by the Institute of Welsh Affairs today.

Bowel cancer awareness month

April is Support Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, stressing the importance of health issues.

Kite making for Palestine

to support people in Gaza by teaching how to make kites, asking for freedom and peace.

Seedy Saturday in Cardiff

Canton witnessed a gardening event that enabled people to exchange their seeds or purchase some in exchange of a pound that goes to the Charity.

‘Outing the Past’–LGBT+History event

An event of LGBT history month called ‘Outing the Past’ was held at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.