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LGBT rights in Jordan

How LGBT+ people are persecuted in an Arab country where same-sex relations are legal.

Midlife Crisis on stage?

A tragic and comical performance used to tell the experiences of middle aged people

Palestinian farmer talks Israeli occupation

A Palestinian farmer has told people in Cardiff about the challenges of farming under Israeli occupation.

End of Welfare Benefits Service by Diverse Cymru

People with disability related welfare claims may be affected as Diverse Cymru plans to end its benefits service this month. A lack of funding from Cardiff Council means the contract will not be renewed. Diverse Cymru say 82% of cases were overturned as a result of their service. They had helped welfare claimants fill out forms and […]

Abortion rights Cardiff raises the heat

The continuing abortion debate in Cardiff hotted up this weekend.

Christians protest against abortion for Lent

Protests and demonstrations between pro-life and pro-choice groups will be held each week until the end of Lent.

Hundreds march to protest art cuts

Hundreds of people in Cardiff voiced their concerns over the possible cuts to the city’s art budget.