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From black to green: how old mines in Wales can still be precious resources

Blaengarw Colliery in 1962

Old mines and colliery spoil tips could still be valuable resources for Wales, even without coal production.

Youth homelessness, a priority

Image: Young homeless

The number of homeless people in Wales is rising, especially among the young.

Six Nations beyond the Six Nations

Rugby in Canton

Rugby is much more than the final result, it’s passion and values, at whatever level you are playing.

Biomass blamed for breathing problems

The facility hasn’t started operating yet but there are already concerns.

Grange Pavilion has won a £1m grant

Grangetown Pavilion

A project by CU’s Community Gateway and Grangetown Community Action received over £1m to refurbish and extend the Grange Pavilion.

MPs join hunger strike for fair votes

The “Make Votes Matter” movement are going on a hunger strike to change the voting system.