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Patrick: the birdman

Patrick Duggan hikes down at 7 A.M. everyday to feed the birds at the Bute Park.

Cardiff entitled the first Veg City in Wales

CC: Teaching kids how to shop healthy

Food organizations like Green City and Food Cardiff are working hard to increase people’s consumption of vegetables in Cardiff.

Shaam Nights not to be demolished

Image: Shaam Nights Restaurant

One of Cardiff’s top restaurants has successfully opposed an application to the city council to demolish its building. But Sham Nights in City Road could still be replaced by student housing in the future.

The waiting list for kidney transplant is increasing

CC creative commons

On average, 1 in every 8 people in the UK develop Chronic Kidney Disease. Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities are five times more likely to develop a kidney disease than other groups. 

Is there a limit to free speech?

Free Protester

How far can someone go in making allegations about people they claim are criminals? A case in Cardiff raises important questions.

Cardiff Council increases taxes by 5%

Lee Canning - Tax payers’ alliance Wales coordinator

Cardiff Council have decided to increase their taxes by 5%. Up until Friday they were considering a 3.7 percent increase in council taxes.