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Heroes of Brain Rehabilitation

NHS 70 Bed Push Photo CNP

Nurses at Rookwood rehabilitation hospital are running the extra mile for their patients-and quite literally.

Focus on housing for abuse survivors

How can the Government, housing providers, and the police tackle the issue of housing crisis for the domestically abused women?


A roundup of TV reports recorded live in the television studio at Cardiff School of Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies

Steps towards a greener Cardiff

Cardiff Council are discussing important measures to make the city more environmentally-friendly.

A Day for Ghouta

A Cardiff mosque in partnership with two charities raised thousands of pounds this Sunday. The money will be used for the people living Ghouta, the south-eastern region of Syria.

Fifty years in sixty pictures

The “Day by Day” Exhibition in Cardiff Bay shows shifting times in pictures with examples taken in the 50s and others taken just last year.

A five-year-old girl donates hair to charity

A five year old girl donates her twelve inch hair to charity that helps children with hair loss during chemotherapy.

Suicide First Aid Seminar

Photo of Suicide First Aid Seminar

Suicide is the main killer among young people, and the UK tops for the highest numbers of suicides in Europe.