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Socialists’ action for climate change

A group of socialists have also been expressing their green credentials. Our reporter Zichen Wen went to find out more.

Western and Chinese culture in art

An exhibition that shows Wales as a vibrant and modern country with diverse landscapes and communities has opened in Cardiff.

Protest against plans for quarry in woodland

Residents of Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly have protested against plans to build a quarry on an ancient woodland in the area.

Unusual weather signals climate change

Numbers of  organizations in Cardiff are planning to connect with each other to limit the impacts of climate change.

Two new Wellbeing Hubs for the residents

New Wellbeing hubs to be constructed for the people of cardiff. With a vision to provide good service the decision is taken.

Zero Carbon Homes

A plan to build zero carbon homes in Cardiff has been put on the agenda of the council meeting.