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Combine all walks of life in Cardiff by Iftar Party

This Tuesday, an Iftar Party was held for people from all the areas, races and communities participate in to work together or just enjoy the party. 

You may be charged for a coffee cup!

A petition held by the Friends Of Earth Cymru want to help reduce the use of single-used coffee cups.

Climb the ‘highest’ wall for rescuing climbers

climbing a walls more than a thousand times until the height is equivalent to the Mountain Everest (8848 meters).

Giant Daffodils in Cardiff for St. David’s Day

Lots of  gigantic daffodils have appeared in the center of Cardiff this week. 

Chinese new year concert not just for Chinese

A special concert will be held in the National Museum to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Part of park to close for improvement

Part of one of the most beautiful park in Cardiff will closed for four months from next week.