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Film Club Hits Milestone at 15

A film club in Cardiff is celebrating fifteen years, welcoming women from different marginalised groups to join.

CNP Radio Bulletin 16:30

  The latest news bulletin from CNP News presented by Malika Malhotra.

CNP Radio Bulletin 16:30

The latest news bulletin from CNP. News presented by Rouchan Wu.

Green spaces to commemorate war heroes

Two parks in Cardiff are could become green spaces to commemorate war heroes…

All you need to know about Lent this year

As the season of Lent draws near, Christians prepare to abstain from their favourite indulgences.

Women cocoa farmers deserve fair treatment

A campaign that encourages to make a fair living income for cocoa growers, especially, women farmers.

Unusual weather signals climate change

Numbers of  organizations in Cardiff are planning to connect with each other to limit the impacts of climate change.

Designers take to the stage

The Fairy-Queen in costumes made of scrap and recycled materials.

Saving the trees in Canton

Ancient trees will be chopped down and some Canton residents are protesting against it.

Tackling harassment

Talks about online regulation took place in Westminster this week, considering the growing concern for online safety. However, the issue goes beyond social media and also affects women’ safety daily, as many still do not feel safe when walking in the streets.