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Bring Memory to Welsh Food

Traditional Welsh cuisine grew based on the land, different from England food more influenced by upper levels of society.

Construction of Cycling lanes a safety concern

Cardiff residents express their concerns about the disruptions caused from the construction of new cycling lanes.

Encouraging people with learning disabilities to become performers

Hijinx, A charity based in Cardiff, offers special drama trainings for talented people with learning disabilities to encourage them to perform in front of audiences.

Combine all walks of life in Cardiff by Iftar Party

This Tuesday, an Iftar Party was held for people from all the areas, races and communities participate in to work together or just enjoy the party. 

Textile artist helps people hold the memory

A textile artist Alison Moger create many artworks to hold the memory.

RNLI: We go for rescue

A lifeboat rescue exercise has been carried out in Barry Island. It is conducted by RNLI, a charity that saves lives at sea.

Love for ceramic

With six collections of functional home-ware to art pieces, Karen Dawn Curtis shares how she shares her ceramic passion to others through her teaching.

Fasting during Ramadan for Cardiff international students

The holy month of Ramadan began early May, across the globe, those who observe the Islamic faith have been fasting from sunrise to sunset.

Global Gardens: Life is about sharing

A community growing project in Cardiff is offering various workshops and sessions every week to teach people gardening.

New Curriculum for Welsh Education

The long-planned change in the reform of Elementary education in Wales unveiled its first detail of what will the new curriculum looks like as a whole at the end of April.