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Car Free Day

The car free day, an annual event holds by the Cardiff council, took place in castle street this year in Cardiff.

Garbage adds colour to music

What can passion for music create?  This question can probably be answered by Zizi Gary, who has organized a special musical event.

Cat & Lynx: Pole dancing twins in Cardiff

 Cathryn Davies and Lynsey Davies are horror writers who found the love of pole dancing. They are twins from Cardiff and attend classes at Dance Fitness three times a week to dance and teach pole.  As they were growing up, they both found it hard to fit in society and were diagnosed with depression […]

Radio Bulletin 16:30

The latest news on CNP News presented by Stella Azom.

Environmental worries about Cardiff Airport

Environmental worries about expanding Cardiff Airport also hit the week of Green Environment. Reporter Linshu has more.

Encouraging kids to play outdoor

More than one in nine children in the UK have not played outside for at least 12 months. This story reports about parents encouraging outdoor play.

CNP TV Bulletin 16:00

The latest TV bulletin from CNP News presented by Lejia Feng and Shi Yin.

Overcoming the challenges of disability

To paint with mouth may not sound like an easy thing to do. Rosie Moriarty is an artist campaigning for persons with disabilities’ rights.

Can Cricket bring people in Cardiff together?

The Cardiff Community Cricket Cup aims to build relations by bringing police and different communities together through several days of cricket.

Five year focus on climate change

An American Anthropologist who traveled to parts of the world to see the effects of climate change is in Cardiff.