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Is March the Month of Bats? 

The organisation Made in Roath says people can do some simple things to help build a bat-friendly environment.

People March for Changing the Planet

People from South Wales are marching to London to raise awareness of climate change. 

Music brings people together in Riverside

A new project has been launched in Riverside, providing a place for residents to talk and enjoy music.

Unfilled Potholes a matter of concern

Climate change making things worse for potholes

Saving the trees in Canton

Ancient trees will be chopped down and some Canton residents are protesting against it.

Patrick: the birdman

Patrick Duggan hikes down at 7 A.M. everyday to feed the birds at the Bute Park.

Cardiff City’s Promotion boosts Local Businesses

Next football season could put a spotlight on Wales and on its economy

Cathays, more than a student area

Cathays Compass is a charity organization that works to bring the sense of community to Cathays, which is known as the student area of Cardiff.

Woman who loves machines

Gabriella Gorey may be the first woman mechanical engineering undergraduate to publish the results of her final university project in a scientific journal

Shaam Nights not to be demolished

Image: Shaam Nights Restaurant

One of Cardiff’s top restaurants has successfully opposed an application to the city council to demolish its building. But Sham Nights in City Road could still be replaced by student housing in the future.