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Patrick: the birdman

Patrick Duggan hikes down at 7 A.M. everyday to feed the birds at the Bute Park.

Cathays, more than a student area

Cathays Compass is a charity organization that works to bring the sense of community to Cathays, which is known as the student area of Cardiff.

Woman who loves machines

Gabriella Gorey may be the first woman mechanical engineering undergraduate to publish the results of her final university project in a scientific journal

Youth homelessness, a priority

Image: Young homeless

The number of homeless people in Wales is rising, especially among the young.

New bins as a recycling strategy

A trial for a new system of dealing with rubbish and recycling is being introduced in Cardiff.

Calling out all book worms!

An award winning literature festival was hosted for children and budding authors across Cardiff.

Construction of new central bus station

Image: Construction site for central bus station

The designs for the new Cardiff Central bus station have been released, but progress is slow.

Kite making for Palestine

to support people in Gaza by teaching how to make kites, asking for freedom and peace.

Storm Emma melts sale of businesses

Restaurants dealt with a decrease in profits due to grocery stores running out of supplies. But, local pubs benefited from the weather conditions.

Refugees Rights Campaign in Cardiff

Refugees were supported by Young Socialists Cardiff at the Refugees Rights Campaign organised this weekend Cathays Youth Community Centre.