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New figures of hate crime in Cardiff

Image: Presenter's link: Hundreds of people braved the arctic weather on Saturday and joined an anti-racism march held in Cardiff over the weekend. This came a day after Neo-Nazi messages were splashed across the walls and store fronts in Grangetown.

An anti-racism march was held in Cardiff over the weekend. Hundreds of people came to show their solidarity against the recent spread of neo-Nazi graffitis across the streets of Grangetown.

Storm Emma melts sale of businesses

Restaurants dealt with a decrease in profits due to grocery stores running out of supplies. But, local pubs benefited from the weather conditions.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in Grangetown

‘Repair Cafe Wales’ has held an event in Grangetown to encourage the principle of ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’. Volunteers repaired broken things like radios, lamps, and bicycles, for free.

Greener Grangetown Planting Event

More plants were planted at community planting event held this weekend in Grangetown.

Grange Pavilion has won a £1m grant

Grangetown Pavilion

A project by CU’s Community Gateway and Grangetown Community Action received over £1m to refurbish and extend the Grange Pavilion.

Anti-Social behaviors in Grangetown

photo by CNP

Drugs and drinking are something that local people in Grangetown can’t tolerate anymore

Chinese laundries in Grangetown

The Grangetown Local History Society held a talk on Grangetown’s laundries last Friday at Glamorgan Archives.

Progress but problems in Grangetown

The progress and the problems are getting together in Greener Grangetown.

Grangetown shop keepers benefit from business meeting

Local shop keepers in Grangetown are encouraged to promote their business online and through cooperative networking.