Creating awareness for testicular cancer


Advert by My Oddballs  Photo by: CNP

Advert by My Oddballs
Photo by: CNP

My odd balls, the men’s undergarment brand tries to draw people’s attention to the issue of testicular cancer by putting an advert on certain buses that will be running on cross city routes of Cardiff.

Not much has been spoken about testicular cancer. My Odd Balls, have tried to create an awareness for it. People are not very comfortable to speak about it in public. They have not interpreted the advert the way it was meant to be. They are often hesitant and shy to mention it. It can be the same mindset which is preventing people from the awareness.

Testicular cancer is one of the most treatable kind of cancer. Men are prone to this from the age of fifteen to forty-nine. It is always recommended to go for a treatment as soon as one recognises. My Oddballs has raised more than £40’000 that goes to the Oddballs foundation and also used to support testicular cancer program. They said that, ” OddBalls was set up to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer. The name and product choice (underwear) fits the focus of Testicular Cancer. Also, we have all known men affected by Testicular Cancer and wanted to do something that could help raise the awareness around the cancer.”


Symptoms like swelling and appearance of lumps are the ones to watch out for. It is easier to treat if the cancer is recognised in the initial stages. Dr. Richard Adams, who is an oncologist in Voluntary Cancer Centre says that self examinations are the best way to keep a track of these symptoms. According to NHS UK, every year 2,200 men in the UK are diagnosed with testicular cancer. Cancer Research UK has provided with the information that testicular cancer rarely comes back after more than 5 years. It also mentioned that almost 98% of men survive this kind of cancer for 5 years or more after being diagnosed. Creating awareness about testicular cancer will help people to take precaution and finally enable them to talk about it, at the time of need.

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