£2m award for new entrants to energy sector

Photo: CNP

Photo: CNP

Small businesses in Wales are being encouraged to submit solutions to the energy industry’s technical challenges. Innovative UK is offering £2m for cost-effective ideas.

Innovative UK came to Cardiff on Tuesday to explain the rules of The Energy Game Changer competition to potential applicants.

The lead technologist in the panel said the energy industry used to be driven by large consortia but now is urging new entrants from small and medium-sized enterprises.

One of the biggest challenges in this industry is the lack of new technologies that can safely supply affordable and renewable energy.

Photo: CC

Photo: CC

This competition only funds outsiders of the energy sector who can articulate their new ideas in a generic way that ‘non-energy’ people would understand. But applicants are allowed to lead collaborations with partners from any other sectors.

The deadline for registration is the 11th of May. Top-ranking applicants will be invited to present written proposals to the panel in September.

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