Chinese new year concert not just for Chinese

Qiaoying Ye photo: CNP

A special Chinese New Year concert will be given on Sunday, 17th of February. This concert is to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival. 

This concert is held by a student from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Dramas (RWCMD). It involves students not only from RWCMD but also from other schools in Cardiff.  They will play various musical instruments at this concert.

Qiaoying Ye, the organizer of this event, says that it is the first time that Chinese and Welsh traditional music will be combined together in a concert. It is a new experience that combines two cultures.

She says: “This concert is to celebrate the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, as the most important festival for Chinese, we want to share the happiness. But it is absolutely not only shown to Chinese people but also show our culture to local audiences and try a new format as a fusion of two types of music.”

This concert will be held in the Cardiff National Museum. She says it is supposed to be a stress-free environment. She adds that audiences will be allowed to talk with each other and take pictures or videos when the concert is going on and it can play the role as a promotion on social media for the concert.

Ziyue Guo  photo: CNP

Ziyue Guo, a student who will play Chinese bamboo flute in the concert, says that it is a great opportunity for him to present the skills. He expresses his happiness in participating in the concert. He adds: “I am really interested in western music, too. I think this concert can be a good chance for me to study from western musician and show Chinese musical instruments to audiences.”

In addition, many other Chinese and Western traditional musical instruments such as the Guzheng – a kind of Chinese plucked string instrument with a more than 2,500-year history and clarinet will also be played there. Beautiful representative songs will also be shown. This concert could be a musical feast not only for Chinese but also local residents.


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