A Dementia friendly concert in Cardiff Bay

Dementia Friendly Concert in Cardiff Bay, Photo: CNP

A dementia-friendly concert was held in Cardiff Bay yesterday. Classical music on a Marimba was played to a group of people in their seventies and eighties who are suffering from dementia.

People came to the cafe, ate cakes and drank cups of coffee or tea and listened to music.

A development manager from Homelong House, Annie Hawkins said, ”A lot of people with dementia, they can’t remember other things, they remember the music, and they make a connection with the music.” She brought residents together to enjoy the music.

Photo: Nikita Williams

The concert was hosted by Octavo’s Book Cafe which worked in partnership with Live Music Now, an organisation which supports outstanding young professional musicians whilst bringing live music to transform the lives of vulnerable people in Wales.

Photo: Nikita Williams

“The more I do it, the more I realize how important live music is for people, especially for people who cannot take themselves to a concert,” Ellen Smith said. She is a Marimba performer from the organisation.

She says the reaction from dementia sufferers may not be typical of general audiences, she still enjoys it when people with dementia tell her how grateful they are and how massive a difference she makes.

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