A free health check for your dogs

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A free health check for dogs is being held for local residents in Cardiff. ‘PetWise on Tour’ hosted by the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) was at Victoria Park this week , where two vet nurses gave free consultation on the well-being of dog. They also looked at other inquiries about people’s pets.

PDSA is a charity organisation that has decided to travel around the UK to give free MOT to dog owners. A pet MOT,  it says is basically rating an animal on a traffic light system. This system includes four basic welfare needs: behavior, companionship, diet and environmental health. After the check, if the pet is in need of a nail clipping or ear cleaning, one will be given for free.

Photo by: CNP

The free health checks, the charity says, is funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery. It is a subscription lottery that raises money for charities.

The overall mission of the organisation is to help pet owners who receive low income money to have a reasonable cost while visiting their clinic for health checks.

Tracy Hill, PDSA vet nurse said, “As a charity we are able to help people at a reduced cost and we can see some people on a charitable case. Therefore, I do think that the treatment we support is probably a little bit more affordable for those who are obviously in need of our services”.

The initiative was taken because the Cardiff PDSA Pet Hospital says it noticed a gap between the needs of pet owners and pet shops.

The tour was promoted on Facebook. Surprisingly, people who were stopping by weren’t familiar or registered with PDSA, and after knowing more about the services provided, they were able to register, donate and do a free health check for their dog(s).

Julia, a resident in Cardiff who stopped by said, “I think the idea of being in the park will attract a lot of dog walkers and owners, just like myself. I came over and asked them if they can check my dog and they were very friendly to do so”.

Photo by: CNP





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