Anti-Social behaviors in Grangetown

The Grange Pavilion .photo by CNP

People in Grangetown say that  Anti-social behaviors are ruining the peace of their lives. The public park is being used for drink and drugs by young people.

Residents have raised concerns about alcohol and drug abuse by youths in the PACT (Police and Community Together) meeting last week. People complained that youths carry out these activities throughout the night. The Grange Pavilion holds local residents meetings, but people involved in the project are struggling to stop anti-social behaviors. This problem is not confined in the local park. Walking along the Taff embankment, drug dealers go out for working during the night hours. In the same area, local residents have complained about sex workers.

photo by CNP

Some residents have already suggested the option of locking the park at dusk. Grangetown is also facing a problem of illegal parking on Clare Road which causes congestion and road safety issues. The local residents have also complained about the level of noise at night. Local Councillor Lynda Thorne, who is also a Cabinet member of Housing and Communities, proposed that this problem can be solved by cutting bushes and putting more street lights in the area. She also said that she was disappointed with the crime prevention progress.

The Grangetown Community Action

On the other hand, the Grangetown Community Action is working to get more people involved with the community. The manager of the group pointed out how it is not acceptable that few people influence the good work that the community is doing. Every week, more than 100 children gather in the local park and get involved in various activities from homework to playing sports. In addition, the Community Action is still waiting for an answer from the National Lottery Fund. Plans for a renewal have already been done in collaboration with Cardiff University.




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