Author ties Cardiff with rock music in book

Author Finch at the book signing.

Author Peter Finch at the book signing. Photo: CNP

At a book signing in Roath at the weekend, Peter Finch celebrated the release of his latest book, The Roots of Rock: From Cardiff to Mississippi and Back. 

Instead of watching the rugby game or celebrating Valentine’s Day, people popped in and said hello to author Peter Finch at Wellfield Bookshop in Cardiff. The author is interested in the links the city has with rock music. Finch says: “The Roots of Rock is a book which tells a story. It’s very much about me. It starts with me and follows a trail right way through.”

Finch is best known for his Real Cardiff book series. “The Real Cardiff books are to do with how the city is looking at the less obvious things,” Finch says. The books are about different glimpses of the unexpected and the real history of  Wales’ capital city. In the meantime, he is currently working on another book about Cardiff.

Inside the book shop

People browsing through books. Photo: CNP

Staff member at book shop

Corner Grant is a sales assistant at the book shop. Photo: CNP

A sales assistant at Wellfield Bookshop, Corner Grant, says that they hold many book signings throughout the year. “We try to do a lot of signings like this because we get a lot of local authors in the area, especially in Roath and in Cardiff in general,” Grant says. “We get a lot of people that like to support us because we are an independent business.”

Grant also shared his insights on the current Cardiff writers’ scene, which he believes is heading in a positive direction.

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