Baptist Minister Opens Pub


James Karran at the soon to be pub. Photo: Nivedita Chatterjee

James Karran, a chaplain at University of South Wales, is opening the pub in the heart of Canton. He says it will serve as a platform for people to build relationships and develop a sense of togetherness. Through the pub, he hopes to rekindle qualities borrowed from religion within the community.


Unfinished pub Photo: Nivedita Chatterjee

“As a Minister and a chaplain, one of my main priorities was about relationships and getting people to make relationships and learn how to have healthy relationships with one another. And also learn how to get along with people who are different from you and all this sort of stuff.  I think it’s really important that the actual essence of the course is love and that’s at the center of religion and Christianity especially.” Mr Karran says.

Alternative Churches are becoming increasingly popular. James Karran and other religious leaders alike, endeavor to reach out to people wherever they are. The regional Baptist Minister for Wales, Nick Bradshaw, believes that bringing churches to ‘alternative’ venues is effective.

“For people who have never been to church before it’s a hard thing to actually make that step to go into a church. It’s things like this that enable people to experience spirituality in church in other places where they are, that would make them feel more comfortable.”

Mr Karran will leave his Chaplaincy behind in order to dedicate his time to the pub. It is due to open next month.

He is also looking to develop a new monastic community at a Cardiff arts centre. Find more information here.

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  • Nekesa Kimuna reports on the pub opening.