‘Beast from the East 2.0’ not so unusual

Bute Park is laden with Scanty snow showers. Photo: CNP

The freezing temperatures which returned to Wales at the weekend are not as unusual as many people think, according to an expert at Cardiff University. Dr. Simon Wakefield from the School of Earth and Ocean Science says the last couple of weeks in Cardiff have been very cold. “It’s rare for us to get snow in December or early January. We often get it at the end of winter,” he said.

Dr. Simon Wakefield. Photo: CNP

The Met Office had said people could see 10-15 cm of snow, and up to 25 cm over higher ground. Things were slowly returning back to normal today, and most of the schools were open as normal as the situation wasn’t bad with the snow showers.

The park remains empty with a few white snow showers. Photo: CNP

Homeless people suffer the most, due to such extreme weather conditions.  The temperature will be less freezing by Tuesday, with plenty of sunshine and some decent weather by the weekend.

Rough sleepers face difficulties during Winter. Photo: CNP


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