Giant Daffodils in Cardiff for St. David’s Day

Lots of  gigantic daffodils have appeared in the center of Cardiff this week. The daffodil is the national flower of Wales.People in Cardiff are expected share pictures of daffs on social media.  

To celebrate St. David’s Day, parade, markets and some other activities will be held on the day. This activity of giant daffodil balloons is a brand new one says the organizers For Cardiff.

It says it  wants to make this year’s festival exceptional from last year.

Four or five giant balloons can be seen  floating  60 meters high in the sky. According to FOR Cardiff, they will appear at 15 iconic locations around the city center of Cardiff, such as the museum, main building of Cardiff University and the Cardiff Arms Park.

FOR Cardiff is calling for pictures and videos of the daffs taken by passengers on twitter. There is a hashtag #TheDaffTrail on twitter which is attracting attention.



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