A fashion show for breast cancer

Picture: www.flickr.com

Picture: www.flickr.com

A Breast Cancer Care’s fundraising Fashion show will take place at the Wales Millennium Centre on March 15 and all the participating models have been through a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. A total of 22 women and two men will take to the catwalk to raise awareness about the disease.

Leanne Hugglestone is talking about her experience  Photo: CNP

Leanne Hugglestone. Photo: CNP

Leanne Hugglestone was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 32. Her double mastectomy was filmed for a TV documentary to raise awareness of breast cancer and her surgery was broadcast to thousands of viewers across the UK. Her type of cancer was genetic and she lacked health insurance. This has been the cause of great struggle for Leanne and many other young women like her.

“My advice for younger women is to have some sort of  life insurance covered. Being a younger person, I don’t have mortgage and I don’t have kids so I thought that I will sort out life insurance when I buy a house. But because of that, getting cancer younger meant that I got financial difficulties now because I have to take out a loan for my treatment and you can’t have life insurance until you are all cleared after five years.”

One in eight women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. This is not just statistics, but a friend, family or wife. There are 50,000 women in the UK who are diagnosed with the disease every year with 1000 women dying from it every month. This means this disease affects 12,000 women and thousands of families every year. However, we are still not able to prevent cancer from appearing since most of the cases are genetic. This is worsened by the fact that breast cancer research is severely under-funded.

Cancer has become an important issue in Britain with one person dying from cancer every two minutes. This means five people have died from cancer in the last 10 minutes . This fashion show hopes not only to raise money for people in need, but also to raise people’s awareness about the disease. Tickets for the fashion show are on sale.

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