Bring Memory to Welsh Food

Welsh food has its unique culture and long history in locals’ life.

Traditional Welsh cuisine grew based on the land, different from England food more influenced by upper levels of society. A report from Wales Museum shows that traditional Welsh dishes such as cawl and Welsh rarebit were developed out of poverty. In 19th century, Farmers earned a living and lived based on the home- made livestocks, vegetables and cereal. It is therefore beef, lamb can be seem frequently in a Welsh family.

In addition, geographical location can influence significantly the local culinary tradition. Wales is a country with rivers and mountains, which contribute to a fluent fishing culture. Seafood, for example, could be always seen in many Welsh daily dishes.

Sian Roberts is a lover of food and likes to teach people cook delicacy. Recently, she participates in a cooking workshop and instructs participants to cook a type pf Welsh food, Glamorgan sausage. “It is a vegetarian sausage, and the main ingredient is cheese, other are like carrots, leeks and eggs which are easy to get. They are cheap but very delicious. ” Said Sian.

Sian Roberts is sharing Glamorgan sausage with the participants Photo CNP

Lizel Lopez is an organiser of the workshop, and she thinks people could learn Welsh culture from the cooking session,  “We try to give learners a bit home dishes which are easily learned, as well as enjoying the time of making food. ”

“It is a nice experience and I have never tried Welsh food. The sausage is juicy and tasty.” Said by a Paricipant, Alberto Lopez Garcia from Spain.

Karen Jones now in charge of a Welsh cake shop Photo CNP

Karen Jones is from Wales and has been working in a Welsh cake’s shop for 7 years in  Cardiff. “I like Welsh recipes, such as Welsh Cawl, and Welsh cake. And I think Welsh cake is back to the memory of everybody, and everybody remembers grandmother’s home- making Welsh cake.” She said.



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