Can Cricket bring people in Cardiff together?

Cardiff Community Cricket Cup, 2019

They are cricketing giants: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and they are about to face each other in Cardiff. But this isn’t the World Cup test series as two other teams Somalia and South Wales police will be competing for top honours. 

This is the Cardiff Community Cricket Cup, starting in July, in its third year. Its theme is to continue to build relations by bringing police and different communities together through several days of cricket.

Steve Jones, Chief Superintendent, South Wales Police

Chief Superintendent Steve Jones says this as an opportunity for a fun workout for the police along with breaking cultural barriers. “We are trying to encourage more people to participate in sport and we can be role models as a part of community, but fundamentally this competition is about bringing us all closer together, having a good time, breaking barriers and building relations.”

Mark Frost, Cricket Wales & Glamorgan Cricket,

Mark Frost, a former player and Community and Development Manager at Glamorgan Cricket and Cricket Wales is one of the organisers. He says, “We wanted to form a project together with the South Wales community police and the cricket clubs in Cardiff to form a competition getting people from all different ethnicity and communities within Cardiff who wouldn’t normally play against each other to get to play against each other.”

Ali Abdi, Community Engagement Cricket Wales Organisers say there are ten teams and two groups; five teams in each group that will play competitively over the summer. And that they’re really be excited to see new teams participating. Ali Abdi, Community Engagement Cricket Wales, says for some players this year cricket is new to them and that this is what we are actually looking for.

Callum Taylor, cricket player Glamorgan

Being a professional cricketer, playing for Glamorgan Cricket, Callum Taylor understands the demanding nature of the game. He says the players should take care of their fitness if they are to perform well. “It’ll be great to see the game playing in the right spirit and hopefully really competitive tournament.”

Councillor, Caro Wild

Councillor, Caro Wild says this tournament is an excellent use of the green spaces around Cardiff, “It’s a fantastic project. Cardiff has a good amount of green spaces close to the city center. The City does a great job in keeping the green spaces clean and there are a lot of volunteer groups that help to pick litter and keep the river banks clean”.

England and Wales Cricket Board will be hosted from 30 May to 14 July 2019.

The final match for Cardiff Community Cricket Cup will be played on 10th September’2019 at Sophia Gardens Cardiff which is home to Glamorgan County Cricket Club.

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