Car Free Day

Photo by: CNP

The car free day, an annual event holds by the Cardiff council, took place in castle street this year in Cardiff. People will be encouraged to reclaim the streets and there were estimated 10,000 people took to the streets for a ride.

On the car free day, none of the cars are on the road. This is due to the reason that there were a road closures throughout Cardiff city centre from 5am throughout until 6pm, affecting areas such as Castle Street, St Mary Street and Westgate Street.

Cardiff Council

The goal of car free day is no longer limited to no car on the street, it is also a festival for the cyclists. The cycling team got underway on Castle Street at 11am, the 3.5km course starts from Cardiff Castle and takes participants past local landmarks such as City Hall and The Crown Buildings.

Photo by: CNP

Caro Wild who is the Council Cabinet Member responsible for planning and transport said: “Around 108,000 cars come into or out of the city centre over a typical 24-hour period, but only around 5,300 people choose to cycle over the same period.

“The council is encourage people to ride their bike, and we’d love to see 20% of Cardiff’s workforce cycle into work by 2026.”

With the encouragement of the government, the way of people going out will have great changes in the future. More and more people will choose a more environmental-friendly way to travel, Uber may become the common choice. This will help improving the environment in Cardiff a lot.


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