Fifty years in sixty pictures

Photographs are selected and framed by photographer Picture CNP

A photographic exhibition in Cardiff shows the forgotten images of Britain, going back in time fifty years. The photographer, Richard Gaunt, invites us into a universe where the past reveals itself in black and white, and in transition-day by day. The exhibition started today in Cardiff Bay, at the Norwegian Arts Centre, and it will be opened to the public until the 17th of March.

Richard Gaunt never missed a day without taking a photo, seeking to capture the beauty of every day life. Starting photography in the late ’50s, with a camera borrowed from his father, he continues to this day. His latest collection called “Day by Day” celebrates the things that we take for granted, the mundane, ¬†the landscapes too ordinary to notice, and too quick to forget.

Norwegian Arts Centre: exhibition preparation Photo CNP

Together with the exclusive exhibition, Mr. Gaunt is also publishing the latest of his books with the same title. The collection consists of sixty images taken over the decades, but that had not been previously published. Abandoned in a loft in Roath, the images waited their time. After not being able to continue with his job at a consulting company where he has worked for 25 years, Mr. Gaunt returned to his old passion and rediscovered the forgotten images.

The pictures tell the story of shifting times-with examples taken in the 50s and other taken just last year. For the younger generations, it is a snapshot of another life, and for those who lived through the decades, the images bring back memories imbued with nostalgia. The photographer notes the subtle, yet fundamental changes over the years.

Richard Gaunt and one of his pictures – Picture: CNP

Photography has the unique power of immortalising the passing moment into a frozen stance- unrepeatable and mystifying. For Cardiff residents, the images reflect how much the city has grown into the vibrant capital it is now. The quiet streets bear a remote resemblance to the buzzy city nowadays.

Image: Picture from "Day by Day" Collection CNP

Pictures from “Day by Day” Collection CNP




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